Creative Arts Preschool



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Q: Where are you located?

A: Our Creative Arts Center is located at 2835 N Brookfield Road

Q: What are your hours?

A: Half Days - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Full Days - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Q: Do you offer extended care?

A: Yes!  You can extend your child’s care around your his/her schedule.  Morning care begins at 8 am. Afternoon extended care runs from 3:00 - 5:30 pm.

Q: Does my child have to be potty trained?

A: 2K students may come to school in diapers are not expected to be potty trained.  Teachers work with students to take regularly scheduled bathroom breaks to promote potty training.  3K students may wear pull ups during their transition to 3K.

Q: My child barely misses the age requirement. Can he / he move up to the next age group?

A: We are a private school, so we do not need to strictly follow the same age requirements as a public school.  We will work with families on a case by case basis regarding placement to help each family reach educational goals.  All children experience multi-age time throughout the day. In addition, our small class sizes allow us to focus on the individual needs of each child so instruction is targeted at exactly what your child needs to grow!

Q: What will my child learn?

A: Students will receive daily age appropriate, fun and engaging lessons in:

  • Literacy

  • Math

  • Science & Engineering

  • Social Studies

  • M&T

  • Fine Arts

Read more specifics on each of these content areas HERE.

Q: Do you take field trips?

A: Yes!  Your tuition includes two field trips annually!  2’s will have in - house visitors, and 3K and 4K will take the bus!  There will be one trip scheduled in fall and one in spring.

Q: What is your daily schedule?

A: You can find a sample daily schedule HERE.

Q: Do you have nap time?

A: Full day students will have a quiet/nap time each day.  We work with families and individual needs to understand the importance of nap for you.  If you wish for your child to take a nap, we will have her nap each day. If you’d rather not have your child sleep at school because it upsets your evenings and bedtimes at home, we will fill the afternoon with fun and engaging activities for her!  We never force children to sleep!

Q: Do you play outside ?

A: Children play outside daily!  When temperatures are below freezing in the winter, students enjoy some fresh air and sensory play on our outdoor deck.  In the warmer months, students walk to McCoy Park behind our main dance building to run and play on the playground!

Q: May I tour the school ?

A: Absolutely!  Please email Kathryn at to set up a tour!  We’d love to show you around!